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How We Started…

We currently live near San Antonio, TX, after many years of living in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Pete is an Engineering Executive and Blake was previously a high school teacher and now manages our kennel. We came across french bulldogs in early 2006 after owning companion pugs for nearly 12 years. We were searching for a breed similar to the pug in size and maintenance, but we were also ready for a dog with more spunk. Boy, did we find it.

In 2006, the first companion frenchie entered our home. Her name was Effie. Although she was far from being a show quality frenchie, she is the reason we became hooked on the breed. Never have we met a dog with such a warm and fun-loving disposition as Effie. She is a spark that motivates us in the show ring and in working toward excellence in our breeding program. In August 2008, we purchased our first show quality french bulldog. He competed that December in his first show at six months old and we have never looked back since.

Our frenchies are part of our family. They are raised in our home and brought up in a warm and loving environment. They receive just the right balance of indoor and outdoor activity. They travel with us quite frequently and are well-socialized with all types of people and animals. We love the adaptablitity of this breed as we are amazed daily at their clownlike behavior and intellegence.

We strive to breed sound and healthy french bulldogs. We find the breeding and showing of dogs to be quite rewarding. Not only are our frenchies recognized throughtout the counrtry in the show ring, but they bring joy and happiness to many people in companion homes as well.

We are truly happy to be able to share this breed with the world. We are always available to others to answer questions regarding the breed. If we do not have the answer, chances are we know someone who does.

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